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At the J Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management & Entrepreneurship, based at the University of New Brunswick, we open our doors each summer to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to explore a business idea they feel has great potential.

This 3-month intensive accelerator offers you over $6,000 for living costs, $2,000 for prototyping, and skills training and coaching as you turn your vision into a livelihood. 
Take your innovative idea and turn it into a sustainable venture.

Turn your passion into a business

An intensive, in-person 3-month accelerator program for early-stage entrepreneurs.





To make life easier as you start-up, we offer scholarships that cover basic living expenses.

These scholarships support up to three team members during the program.


We understand that capital is necessary to build your venture. Each business will receive up to $2,000 for prototype development.


There is no fee to participate in the Summer Institute and zero equity taken from participating businesses.

What we want is simple
To support good people who want to make a big difference
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