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Training & Support

Successful businesses need strong communities and education to support their growth. For this reason, the Summer Institute offers world-class skills training, mentorship, resources, and peer-to-peer support.




You'll face new challenges as you craft your business. To equip you, we offer workshops that develop your entrepreneurial skillset. These workshops prepare you to tackle the problems you face today and the one's you'll encounter later down the road.

Our residents and staff are available to help you develop your business strategy, improve product design, and capture your vision through communications. Our larger community of mentors regularly offer their expert advice as you build your dream.

Our entrepreneurs access all resources available to students of the University of New Brunswick. We can make arrangements for you to access laboratories, research services, and special equipment for prototyping (such as the university makerspace).




We offer free office space (desks, Wi-Fi, printer) in our Summer Institute Room for participating ventures. We can book rooms

on-campus and in the downtown core for private meetings or presentations.

Our staff, residents, and mentors encourage collaboration amongst our cohort. We do our best to foster a caring environment of peer-to-peer support; something we know is important as you grow your venture.

We value our surroundings and like to draw inspiration from others. During the program, we take time to visit local businesses with fascinating stories and chat with some of the best and brightest minds in our region.


The Summer Institute partners with several international entities. Through GAN, our entrepreneurs have opportunities to access the human and financial capital they need through a global network of accelerators, partners, and investors. A similar partnership exists with the Canadian Technology Accelerators.


There are 85,000+ University of New Brunswick alumni living around the world. The Summer Institute provides access to these connections; an important networking opportunity for any ambitious entrepreneur looking to grow their business.

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