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Ready to apply? Here are the 5 steps

Explore the website and make sure you have all the information you need about the program. We want you to be certain the Summer Institute is right for you and your business!

If you have any lingering questions, let us know.

Register for F6S and build your profile.
This is where you will complete and submit your application.

Fill out the application!
This should take two hours (three if you're REALLY detailed).

Film a one-minute video pitch about your business.
Upload it on YouTube or Vimeo and include the link in your application.

Hit submit!  You're done!

After you submit our team will review your application and determine whether you will advance to the interview stages.

You will be notified if you are successful or unsuccessful in advancing.

Selection Process

Once you submit your application it will be placed in our candidate pool for our staff to review. If our initial review goes well, you will be contacted about moving forward in our selection process. This has four stages:


If we like your idea, one of our staff members will request a phone interview. 

This is interview allows us to better understand your business.


If we think your business has real potential, you will be asked to pitch your business to our selection panel. This panel consists of staff, residents, and alumni.


If the pitch and panel interview goes well, we will require some additional information on 

the business, the founders, your goals, etc.


If our validation process is successful, you will receive a letter accepting you into the program!

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